SCST Exam Update 2021

We are working hard behind the scenes to develop the computer based theory
examinations (Certificate, Diploma and Essential ECG Interpretation Examinations) and we are hoping to deliver the first of our online examinations of 2021 in mid to late June.

As previously stated, currently we are concentrating all of our efforts in getting our theory exams online. Unfortunately we still do not feel that we can safely deliver a face-to-face practical exam in the current climate. We are therefore continuing to temporarily postpone all practical exams with a view to finding a safe solution as soon as possible. This means that the Award examination will be separated from the Certificate in Electrocardiography.

Again we apologise to those waiting for exact exam dates, but we need to ensure all the exam processes are in place and fit for purpose in order to maintain standards.

If you have already registered for your exam then you will automatically be transferred to the new exam system and the exam fee will be honoured. Any candidates who have already registered but who do not wish to be moved to the online system can contact SCST administration team via the contact page on the website and request a refund.

We will update you as soon as we have any more information and exact exam dates.

Thank you for your continued patience in these unprecedented times.

Society Examinations

Please note that as in most other professional bodies different examinations apply to different categories of staffing. If you are currently employed as a Student/Trainee Clinical / Cardiac Physiologist and would like information about the Professional Body examinations please contact your University tutor.

NB: Our Exam Policy can be found towards the bottom of this page

Available Certificates, Awards & Diplomas

SCST Award in Practical Electrocardiography

The Society makes this award to candidates who can demonstrate the ability to safely and accurately record a 12-lead resting electrocardiogram (ECG) under examination conditions and in accordance with the SCST Clinical Guidelines by Consensus: Recording a 12-Lead Electrocardiogram.

This is designed as an entry-level qualification for any practitioner wanting to demonstrate the skills needed to perform ECGs in a clinical environment.

Candidates will be expected to demonstrate their ability through a practical examination. Supplemental questions will be used to check underpinning knowledge.

Certificate in Electrocardiography

This is appropriate for healthcare professionals recording 12-lead electrocardiograms (ECGs) on a regular basis and who are required to recognise common ECG abnormalities. The Certificate in Electrocardiography comprises the following components:

Written exam
a) Anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology
b) Electrocardiographic instrumentation, technique and interpretation

Practical exam
Candidates should follow the syllabus for the Award in Practical Electrocardiography.

The syllabus leading to the award of the Certificate in Electrocardiography is designed to encourage accurate recording and first line interpretation of the 12-lead resting electrocardiogram in accordance with the SCST Clinical Guidelines by Consensus: Recording a Standard 12-Lead Electrocardiogram

Foundation Certificate in Essential ECG Interpretation

This certificate is awarded to candidates who demonstrate the ability to recognise the ECG patterns of a range of clinically important cardiac rhythms and conditions. It is particularly appropriate to personnel who work in an acute medical setting, eg cardiographers, nurses and paramedics. This qualification sits between the Certificate in Electrocardiography and the Diploma in ECG Interpretation. Examination for this award is in the form of a 2.5 hour multiple choice paper.

Diploma in ECG Interpretation

The Society makes this award to candidates who can demonstrate the ability to provide interpretation of 12-lead resting electrocardiograms (ECGs) and rhythm strips under examination conditions.

This is designed as an intermediate level award for healthcare professionals wishing to demonstrate skills and knowledge beyond core level level. Examination for this award is in the form of a 3 hour written paper.


The results of any Society examinations are reviewed by an examination board meeting generally one month after the examinations. Results confirmed at that meeting will notified to the candidates only in writing.

Exam Policy

This policy only applies to individuals applying to sit the SCST examinations all applications for the SCST examinations must be received by the SCST Office on or before the closing date.

Due to the increasing numbers of candidates and examinations it is not possible to process examination applications after this deadline.

This rule will, in future, be strictly adhered to.

SCST Education Committee wish to point out that it is the responsibility of individuals taking the examinations, to ensure that their form and fee is received by the SCST Office on or before the closing date. Candidates whose finance departments are paying the fee should apply well in advance of the closing date and check to ensure that the form and payment have been sent in good time. Failure of finance departments to forward the necessary paperwork to SCST by the closing date will not result in a late application not being accepted.

Any late applications will be returned to the candidates. A completely new application will need to be made for the next examination when the examination forms are published.

Examination Fees Policy

All candidates should be advised that costs are incurred throughout the examination process. Therefore candidates should be aware that cancellation and deferral charges will be levied.Payment for all examinations should be received by the Administrator at least twenty-eight days in advance of the examination date.

Any examination application cancelled more than twenty-eight days in advance will incur a fee of £20, which will be deducted before any refund is made. Where an invoice has been raised in response to a purchase order, SCST must receive the payment in full and will then refund the amount less the cancellation fee.

Any examination cancelled within twenty-eight days of the examination will incur the full fee. Where a purchase order has been received the full fee will be invoiced and must be paid.

Any examination deferred more than twenty-eight days in advance will have the fee transferred to the next examination date. In addition a £10 deferral fee will be charged and must be paid before the candidate’s name is added to the following examination list. A further deferral will mean that the full fee is taken. Exception to this will only be considered on production of a medical certificate.