SCST Examiners

Cardiac Physiologists/Scientists are providing an essential role as practical examiners and exam invigilators for the SCST. If you feel you could give your time and experience to others the Society would be very grateful.

We are looking for SCST members who are professional, fair, reliable, and sympathetic, who would be prepared to work alongside other Cardiac Physiologists/Scientists as part of the examining team as practical examiners.

If you feel you meet the criteria outlined below and would like to ensure Cardiac Physiologists/Scientists remain in control of their profession please complete the application form below or contact our exam team for further information.



To examine candidates for the Certificate of Electrocardiography and the Award in Practical Electrocardiography 

Applicants must:

  • hold a BSc (Hons.) in Clinical Physiology (cardiology) including a pass in the Undergraduate Assessment Parts I and II or their equivalent.
  • have a minimum of two years post qualification experience.
  • provide evidence of both training and assessment experience in the workplace.

To examine for the Award in Practical Electrocardiography

SCST will consider Senior Cardiographers and Associate Practitioners who:

  • as a minimum, hold the Certificate in Electrocardiography
  • have a minimum of two years training and assessment experience in the workplace
  • have a statement of support from their Head of Department

All applicants should note that an invitation to a new examiner workshop does NOT constitute acceptance as an examiner. The workshop acts as an assessment and not all attendees will be invited to examine.


An application form and, where possible, a letter of support from a current member of SCST Council, Education Committee or an existing examiner should be sent to the examiner co-ordinator.

In addition Senior Cardiographers and Associate Practitioners should include a letter of support from their Head of Department.

All applicants who meet the criteria will be added to the waiting list and be invited to the next workshop.

Any applicant who does not meet the criteria will be informed in writing setting out the reasons. They will be invited to reapply once they meet all the criteria.

All potential examiners will be invited to attend the examination following their attendance at the workshop as an observer.

Once accepted the applicant will hold the status of Provisional Examiner. Provisional examiners will be required to complete and document a minimum of ten observations.

Once the observations are complete the Provisional Examiner will work alongside a Tutor Examiner at the following examination.

NB: Any examiner who fails to attend four consecutive examinations (local and national) within two years will no longer be eligible to examine. They will be welcome to attend a workshop to re-qualify.