Registration opens from 1st November 2023

Spring SCST Exams will be taking place on 13th March 2024. Registration for these exams will open on 1st November 2023 and will close on 12th September 2024.  In the meantime, register an account via the Pearson VUE website now if you haven't already.

If you have any issues or login queries regarding your account on Pearson VUE's website then please contact them directly on 0800 7319905.



The results of any Society examinations are reviewed by an examination board meeting generally one month after the examinations. Results confirmed at that meeting will notified to the candidates only in writing.

Exam Policy

Electrocardiography, particularly the 12 lead electrocardiogram (ECG) is a widely practised procedure that measures amongst other variables an individual’s heart rate and rhythm through the detection of biopotentials from the surface of the skin. The procedure is performed by a wide range of professionals and the accuracy of the procedure is largely dependent on the correct placement of the electrodes on the skin and quality of the subsequent interpretation.

The Society for Cardiac Science and Technology (SCST) has a long history of developing and delivering professional examinations in performing and interpreting 12 lead ECGs to a broad range of professionals including cardiac scientists, healthcare science practitioners, paramedics, nurses and general practitioners. The overall aim of these examinations is to raise the standard of care for patients undergoing an ECG either through improvement in how the test is performed and/or further developing the interpretive knowledge and skills of those individuals analysing the test results.

The Society continues to develop examinations for participants of all healthcare professions and currently operates three different examinations, the Certificate in Electrocardiography, the Foundation Certificate in ECG Interpretation and the Diploma in ECG Interpretation.

A recent partnership with Pearson Vue, has meant that SCST examinations can now be administered through Pearson Vue’s network of examination test centres.

The main points from the policy are outlined below, click or tap on the relevant section to expand or download the full policy document here (PDF).


SCST as the provider of the examinations agree to:

  • Prepare examinations based on publichsed curriculum that have undergone appropriate internal verification and quality assurance.
  • Coordinate with Pearson Vue to ensure examinsations can be administered at published dates and times, and if examinsations are cancelled that participatns are informed in good time and that alternative arrangements are made available.
  • Ensure that marking is completed to an appropriate standard and that results are moderated to the standard set out in this document.

Participants, those individuals that book and/or sit the examinsations, are required to:

  • Adhere to all instructions provided by either SCST or Pearson Vue in advance of, during and following the examinsation.
  • Act with honesty and integrity to avoid all forms of academic misconduct.



Exam Booking

Examinations can be booked through the Pearson Vue booking system during a fixed time period known as the booking window. SCST will publish the timings of their examinations and the duration of the booking window for each examination on their website in advance of the examinations.

Participants experiencing difficulty booking their examination through the Pearson Vue website should contact either Pearson Vue directly or report their difficulties to SCST.

Conflicts of interest

Participants booking an examination should not have had any direct or indirect involvement in the preparation of the exam being sat. This means they should not have been involved in the writing of exam questions, the quality assurance process leading up to the publishing of an exam or in the post exam moderation.

Participants with close links to individuals involved in examination preparation or members of the SCST Education Committee such as family members should declare these links to SCST prior to sitting the examination.

Cancellations / Extenuating Circumstances

Participants are asked to contact Pearson Vue should they decide to cancel their examination. In accordance with Pearson Vue policy participants cancelling their booking more than 48 hours prior to the examination date are entitled to receive a full refund. Students cancelling their booking within the 48 hour window leading up to the examination will not be entitled to a refund.

SCST and Pearson Vue both acknowledge that exceptional circumstances can occur that prevent a participant cancelling within the required timeframe. A comprehensive list of exceptional circumstances is not available however if any participant feels that their individual circumstances are exceptional they should contact Pearson Vue, explain their circumstances and provide supporting evidence. Participants may appeal the decision by Pearson Vue by following the SCST examination appeals process described below.

AdditionalSupport / Accommodations

SCST and Pearson Vue recognise that some participants may need additional support and/or special accommodations during the examination such as additional time, a private testing room or assistive technology. Participants that would like to request either additional support or special accommodations are asked to contact SCST as soon as possible and prior to booking the examination. Participants may choose to create a profile with Pearson Vue, however they should receive a response from SCST regarding their request for additional support and / or special accommodations prior to booking a specific examination.

Participants making a request should indicate what additional support/accommodation they require and the reasons why such support is needed. In addition participants should provide evidence in support of their request. Evidence must be provided from a registered health profession involved in the participants care (e.g. GP, consultant, psychiatrist, specialist nurse) and must be in the form of a signed statement on headed paper. Scanned evidence may be accepted but the participant must be able to present the original copy if requested. Email communications that are sent directly from professionals or forwarded on by the participants will not be accepted as evidence.  Evidence that does not meet the necessary requirements will not be accepted.

Representatives of the SCST Education Committee will review the request and the evidence provided on a case by case basis and make a determination whether the request should be accepted or rejected. Depending on the individual circumstances of the request the outcome may be to accept the need for additional support or accommodations but to offer different support / accommodations than those requested by the participant.

All requests should be made at least 1 month before the start of the examination to allow coordination between SCST and the examination test centre. Any request made within 1 week of the start of the examination date will not be authorised by SCST.

Participants will be informed of the outcome of their request through email prior to the closing of the booking window and they will be given instructions how to contact Pearson Vue to book their examination.

Academic Misconduct

SCST does not tolerate cheating and any attempt to cheat before, during or following the examination will be considered as dishonest behaviour.

SCST does not operate open book examinations and therefore any actions taken to access reference material or to collude with others during the examination will be considered as an attempt to cheat.

Any attempts by participants to sell or give information about the examinations to third parties following the examination will also be considered dishonest activity.

Allegations of academic misconduct will be taken seriously, and any allegation made to SCST by either Pearson Vue or a member of the public will be investigated and if found to be true will lead to a mark of 0 being awarded for the relevant examination. Depending on the nature and seriousness of the allegation SCST reserve the right to report an individual to an appropriate professional body (e.g. AHCS, HCPC, RCCP, NMC or GMC).

Examination Marking and Moderation

Examinations will be multiple choice papers and marking will be completed automatically at the test centre following completion of the paper.

Moderation will be performed following the test and a random sample of papers will be reviewed by members of the SCST Education Committee.

Final moderated marks will be ratified by the SCST Education Committee prior to release. The final result will be communicated to the participants with 4 weeks of completion of the examination.

Appeals / Complaints

Applications of appeal or complaint will be considered by SCST on the following grounds:

  • Unconsidered exceptional circumstances
  • Procedural irregularities

Participants should contact the SCST in writing to explain the grounds of their complaint, or request for appeal, attaching any supporting evidence. An independent investigator will be assigned from the SCST membership with findings presented to the SCST Education Committee for determination. Participants may be contacted in writing or over the phone and ask to provide a statement.