Preceptorship Programme Flowchart

The flow chart below outlines the key steps you need to follow in the application process to enter the preceptorship programme. You will need to complete and return several forms & checklists which you can download and view as you follow the flow chart – or you can download from the buttons below.


Step 1.

Qualified Healthcare Science Practitioner commences role and is allocated a named preceptor.

Step 2.

HSP and preceptor meet as soon as it practicable to set objectives, identify learning needs and to commence the preceptorship programme.

Step 3.

Complete Preceptorship Programme Agreement and Application Form with full payment to be sent to SCST for audit.


Step 4.

Monthly Review Meetings that document objectives, provide feedback and confirm next review date.

Step 5.

Complete the Review Meeting Form at each review (see Appendix, section 6)


Step 6.

Declaration to Submit Preceptorship Evidence Record (PER) made to SCST.


Step 7.

Final Review Meeting.

Step 8.

Preceptorship Evidence Record (PER) completed and Preceptorship Evidence Record (PER) Submission Checklist completed (see Appendix, Section 2).


Step 9.

Agreement of Proficiency completed (see Appendix, section 3).


Step 10.

Submission of completed Preceptorship Evidence record (PER) to SCST for evaluation.

Application Form

Preceptorship Appendix