Today is Random Act of Kindness Day!

The idea behind Random Acts of Kindness Day is to encourage feelings of kindness and brighten up someone’s day.  Every small act of kindness is significant. It may seem like it doesn’t accomplish much but, just like the domino effect, one act of kindness can lead to more positive outcomes. Don’t hold back from uplifting others with compliments, compassion and a smile.

Be Kind to Yourself

Kindness is not just about being kind to others, but being kind to you. One of the ways we can do this involves taking time to ‘check-in’ with you and practise kindness and compassion towards you. Some ideas can be:

  • Going for a short walk
  • Trying mindfulness
  • Reading a book
  • Making a hot drink
  • Having a 5 minute Me Space

with the stresses we’ve all had of the past few years, take the opportunity to completing a random act of kindness today.