Statement from SCST 

On behalf of our members, SCST Council has sent a letter to the Chief Scientific Officers (CSO’s) for England, Northern Ireland and Wales asking for clarity on the guidance published by the government on 22/05/2020 regarding travellers exempt from border rules in the UK (updated 08/06/2020) and how this might apply to the cardiac science workforce.

[Guidance Coronavirus (COVID-19): travellers exempt from border rules in the UK]

As many of you may already be aware, according to this guidance, exemption from self-isolation applies only to a registered healthcare professional travelling from outside the UK to England, Wales or Northern Ireland to work, and we are aware of significant variation in the interpretation of this guidance. While this exemption appears to apply to our workforce who are regulated by HCPC as a clinical scientist, we are cognisant of the fact that a large proportion of our membership and the wider workforce are either on a voluntary register or are unregistered and remain uncertain how this guidance may affect them.

We have asked the CSO’s  if the travel exemption applies only to the Cardiac Physiology workforce regulated by HCPC as Clinical Scientists or does it apply across our entire profession. SCST Council feel that it is essential that where appropriate there is parity across our workforce and we feel it is important that the exemption should apply to both regulated and non-regulated staff.

We are extremely proud of the way our workforce has responded to the pandemic and how you have adapted clinical services to ensure the provision of high quality services to our patients and the public. 

We will work with our Chief Scientific Officers to provide any necessary support or  information which may be required on behalf of our membership, and we shall update on progress.