Dear colleagues,

The recent SCST National Update meeting was a fantastic success, with many of you joining in the virtual meeting, not only from around the UK but from countries around the world.  It is a great credit to all involved behind the scenes, that despite the new format, the talks remained high quality and promoted much discussion. We hope to develop this virtual platform and have already hosted the Diploma in Electrocardiography course in this way – to brilliant feedback.  Whilst I really missed the chance to interact with colleagues  face to face, and catch up with old friends – perhaps this format is the future of our professional development. We are also currently working really hard to be able to provide examinations in an online format.  This is by no means an easy feat – but our volunteers on the Education Committee are pulling out all the stops and hopefully they will be able to make some announcements in the New Year.

This year has tested all of us to near breaking point, and the impact of cancelled procedures will take a good portion of the next year to resolve. Training of our staff has been compromised and we all need to be mindful of the extra support these cohorts will undoubtedly require over the next year. But looking on the good side – we have all learnt things about ourselves we didn’t know. We’ve learnt that we can use our skills and knowledge in different ways, we’ve learnt that kindness goes a long way, and we’ve learnt that you can never use too much hand cream! We’ve tested our problem solving skills, learnt that good team working is essential and that mental health is something that needs to be looked after and valued. In all my years in cardiology,  I don’t think that I have ever witnessed such an enthusiasm for working together, and sharing knowledge and experiences.  We have truly grown as a profession. I am excited to see how we move forward in 2021!

Attached is a letter from the Scientific Leads from across the UK which recognises all your hard work,  and the importance of the  contribution made to the Covid 19 pandemic by the healthcare science profession. I encourage you to read this.

CSO Letter

Hopefully you’ll have some downtime over the Christmas season, and get to spend some time with loved ones (even if that has to be virtually). Here’s looking forward to a brighter New Year.

Best wishes from everyone on SCST Council.
Joanne Ashton
President of SCST – The Professional Body for Cardiac Scientists.