The written element for this exam is now, and will continue to be, delivered by Pearson Vue as a computer based exam available at local centres.

Therefore, the decision was made to remove the practical element of the Certificate of Electrocardiography, meaning the last examinations containing the practical element were taken in October 2019. The Practical Award in Electrocardiography is a separate assessment and qualification, and it is no longer practical to hold this in a single centre such as Birmingham. We are looking at other options for the practical examination but currently no decisions have been made regarding the way forward.

The written Certificate in Electrocardiography will continue to have two sections plus an essential ECG section. The two sections will now be marked as a whole, with a 50% pass mark, but the essential ECG questions must be answered correctly in order to pass the whole paper.

As a result, with immediate effect, anyone wishing to resit the exam will need to take the whole paper.

If you have any questions or queries regarding these changes, please email