NHS Supply Chain NHS uniform consultation – please have your say

Consultation will close at 5pm on Monday 31 May.

NHS Supply Chain has launched a consultation about the potential introduction of a consistent national healthcare uniform for NHS staff working in clinical roles in England.

They are keen to hear the views of healthcare assistants, nurses, midwives and allied health professionals working in hospital and non-hospital settings across the country on whether a culturally sensitive, national approach to uniforms should be taken and if so, should all NHS trusts adopt it.

This is an idea of what the uniform could look like.

You are invited to have your say in this consultation, which is broken into two areas:

  • Whether you agree with a national uniform approach and if so, whether you think it should be made mandatory; meaning all organisations would be required to adopt it.
  • A set of questions which address the garment style and features, to help identify the key aspects you feel are necessary for a uniform to be well-designed and fit for purpose.

Read more about the consultation here.

You can take the survey here.