Restart a Heart Day raises awareness about cardiac arrest and helps people to learn CPR, giving them life saving skills and the confidence to use them.

The Resuscitation Council UK along with the British Heart Foundation, British Red Cross, St John Ambulance, NHS Ambulance Service and Saving Lives for Scotland work together to help raise awareness of cardiac arrest and teach CPR.

In 2019, an amazing 291,000 were trained in CPR through Restart a Heart Day.

Why is it important?

Cardiac arrests have not stopped during the coronavirus pandemic. If you have an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in the UK you have less than a one in ten chance of surviving.

The groups want to change that by making sure that as many people as possible know that when someone collapses and stops breathing normally, it is important to quickly call 999, perform hands-only CPR and use a defibrillator. This gives mums, dads, sons, daughters and friends the best chance of surviving.

Hands-only CPR reduces the risk of catching an infection, and without intervention it’s unlikely the person in cardiac arrest will survive.

How can you get involved?

The groups are pleased that face-to-face training sessions are now permitted. We would encourage you to deliver your session in a method that is safe for you and your trainees.

Guidance for face-to-face sessions

  • Keep training rooms well ventilated.
  • Have hand sanitiser available or make sure hands are regularly being washed.
  • Everyone should be encouraged to wear a face covering, in line with guidance for your nation.
  • All training outside of school settings must be taught with the current government social distancing advice.
  • Manikins and any other training equipment should be regularly cleaned. Find out more about how to look after your kit.
  • Outside of a school setting, please follow government Test and Trace guidelines so that you can stay informed of any coronavirus (Covid-19) cases after a training session. In a school setting, please follow your agreed process for reporting any cases of coronavirus.


There are online videos available to make training as easy as possible for your:


You can reward everyone that learns CPR on Restart a Heart Day, and the trainers and volunteers. Download editable, digital Restart a Heart Day certificates in English or Welsh: