Many Cardiac Physiologist are applying, or considering an application, for STP equivalence. Several still have queries and concerns about the process. This is why your professional body has put together a series of ‘how to’ talks about the equivalence process. The ‘STP Equivalence Sessions’ are due to start in late June and will take place monthly for the following 6 months.

Open to SCST members, and free to attend, the Equivalence Sessions will address the following questions:

Why should I apply?
• Am I ready to apply?
• What are the hurdles when applying?
• What are the sticking points?
• What additional work do I need to do to complete my portfolio?
• How do I prepare for the interview?

The Equivalence Sessions will address these 6 points as well as any questions that our members have about the process from start to finish.

If equivalence is a consideration for you, or you are in the process of applying, then the Equivalence Sessions are the thing for you. We will be joined by a series of guest speakers. These will range from physiologists who have undertaken the process, those who are currently undertaking the process as well as assessors from the interview panels and representatives from the Academy of Healthcare Science (AHCS) as well as other key members of associated groups and societies.

Application to join the Equivalence Sessions will open, for members, before month end on the societies web-site. We look forward to seeing you (digitally) there.